Medium Length Hair Styles Inspiration for a New Look Every Day

If you suppose there’s anything dull or boring relating to middle length hair style, think again! It’s honestly some of the most flexible length of all women. Short plenty of to play up texture but long enough to weave a braid or two, you will discover plenty of options for those with medium length hair to make a statement with their strands.

Trendy look medium length hair styles space buns are an awesome and easy way to make your medium length hair stand out. Gather up two buns at the top of your head and let the rest of your hair flow as shown above, or gather all hair into two low space buns at the nape of the neck for a more subtle take.

When it comes to personalizing a ponytail, the world is your oyster. Soft waves and a teased crown are the ultimate dreamy date-night combo, but a quick low pony is an easy go-to for errands, gym days, and more.

Check out the shots below for some hairstyle inspiration, and don’t be afraid to give one to try.

Pin the rest for later, or challenge yourself to a new look every day!

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