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Easy DIY Valentine Cards Handmade

The fact with Easy DIY Valentine Cards Handmade is that you have put your thoughts into it, and used your time and energy on making them. I believe that it is a much greater value than making the prettiest or most creative card of them all. Someone will be very grateful for the handmade valentine card, regardless of the result.

To figure out how you want the handmade valentine card to look like, it helps to know the receivers well. That way you can create custom-made cards that suit the someone style or interests. It can be a simple card with only written words as decoration, it can be filled with lots of colours and glitters, or you can use different textures and fabrics to decorate it.

What do you feel will suit the person whom you will be giving valentine card homemade to? You can also find inspiration and ideas from the internet and making small adjustments to make the new ones.

Now on with the fun project! Here's a simple handmade valentine card that can be made in an hour or less.

Valentine Cards Handmade Materials

  1. 1 glue stick or your favorite kind of liquid stitch glue
  2. leftover yarn scraps
  3. card stock, any color or design of choice
  4. pencil
  5. scissors
  6. paper punch

Step-by-Step Instructions

Choose the main paper for your card. I decided to use some pink-and-red glittery paper from Hobby Lobby for mine. The camera doesn't do it justice! Now, bend your card in half.
Once you're happy with your paper choice, cut out a simple heart template. I used one from online, but you can easily trace and cut your own by hand.
Trace your heart template over some decorative paper that complements the main part of the card and cut it out. Gglue your heart shape directly in the middle of the card.
Grab your hole punch and punch a few holes along the outside of the heart shape.
Take about a 7 -inch piece of yarn and weave it in and out of the holes. Take an extra 3-inch piece and tie a small bow. Glue or tie this bow to the top of the heart.

And there you have it! An easy and cute card for Valentine's Day!

A Valentine card does not necessarily have to be a typical folded card, there are no rules to follow. Use your creativity and make something new, fun and different. It is always fun to surprise a loved one with something they did not expect.

You can make Valentine decorations that work as a card or even a card holder. In the end of this article is a free pattern for a crochet heart pocket you can attach to a wine bottle or any other present. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, and you can write a loving message on a heart-shaped little card that you put into the pocket. It is easy, but also very cute and fun.

You can use the same recipe to make cute crochet hearts to decorate with on a special day. You can attach them to a Valentine card, decorate the romantic dinner table, hang them up as cute decorations or use them as wine glass coasters.

Valentine Cards Handmade Ideas

Giving handmade valentine card to someone special will surely be grateful. If not, you might consider the option of finding yourself a new Valentine Date, that appreciate the effort you have put into it.

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