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About Me

I start this blog with a simple idea, something i havent seen before, i havent heard before, but have thought many a time before. The idea: Write the truth about my life, as no one has known it, as only i see it, for people i will never know to read, be entertained, and learn.

As i have been planning to do, the blog will be the truth, only the truth, and the absolute truth, from my point of view. I am not all knowing, and therefore cannot know all about my life and everything related to it, but will do my best.

I wish, in this blog, to describe my life as i see it, with details and graphics if possible, for a public who doesnt know me, and will not be involved in my future or my past. I will try to keep everything as original.

The sole purpose of this blog is to show my life as it has never been known, and listen to what people have to say about it. It is dedicated to everyone in the world, of all races, beliefs and nationalities, in hopes of a universal view on my life.

Have Fun!!!
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