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Paper Handprint Bunnies | Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

We like to do a lot of handprint crafts for holidays and Easter is no exception! This Easter handprint craft is really easy to do. Kids will love making this cute Bunny Handprint card to give away at Easter. We love how this can be turned into a card and kids can write their own special Easter message inside.

These handprint bunnies are so simple to make and they are so cute! You can make them using construction paper, coloured printer paper, or even plain white paper if you’re in a pinch. This is such a simple Easter craft that you can make with the kids – and the best part is that you probably have everything you need at home already!

Just grab some paper, scissors and a few pens, markers or pencil crayons – that’s all you need! This craft is really simple, super fast, and completely adorable when you’re done!

This Easter art idea can be great as a classroom activity, as it’s low prep and if the hands are pressed on the cards, these can make the most wonderful DIY Easter cards to send home to parents.

Paper Handprint Bunnies

What you need:

  • paintskids
  • brushes
  • paper

Step 1

Squeeze or add a bit of paint on the hand. You can also squeeze the paint onto a palette and have the child paint their hand with a brush.

Step 2

Paint only the palm and fingers of one hand, leaving the thumb unpainted.

Step 3

Press the palm onto paper, separating the middle and ring fingers to make the bunny’s ears apart. Slowly and carefully lift the painted hand off the paper.

Step 4

Time to decorate! Paint the bunny!

For the facial features kids can either use a paintbrush or a black marker, whichever they find easier. Draw the eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth. Bunny teeth too if you like!

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