Friday Book Project Ducklings Love - Just for Fun

Friday Book Project Ducklings Love

Kids will use their own footprints to make baby ducks. These are so cute!

What You Need

  • Washable yellow tempera paint
  • Wash tubs
  • Large construction paper
  • Cornmeal
  • Glue


  1. Each kid chooses a piece of construction paper for background.
  2. Kids take one shoe and sock off.
  3. Have kidss come up one at a time, to gently dip their foot in the yellow tempera paint.
  4. Help kid hop over to their paper (which is placed on the floor).
  5. Each will step on their paper, making a footprint.
  6. They can then step into the wash tub to clean their foot.
  7. The heel becomes the duck’s head.
  8. As paint is drying, kids may wish to sprinkle on glue to add cornmeal, so their chick has something to eat.
  9. Kids can decorate their footprint to look like a new spring duck.
  10. They can use orange paint to add a beak and black paint for the feet.

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