How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

Even without a calendar I always know when Christmas is near. You can smell it in the air. People are cheerier, shops are brighter and homes are warmer. So companies try to make money out of it, will you let that dampen your Christmas spirit? Really, it's the season for merrymaking and where better to start than in your own home.

One of the best ways to usher in the season is by putting up-what else, a Christmas tree in your home. It is a well-worn and best loved tradition between family members. There are many times though that we all could do with a refresher course on basic things like putting up of holiday lights the best way possible. It has often been a matter of contention between alpha males and overly cautious women so here is a complete guide on how to put lights on a Christmas tree.

First of all, you need to get yourself a sturdy and handsome fir tree. If you have a synthetic one stashed up in the basement-- that will do. However, for a cozier feel, you can visit a Christmas tree store that open during the season in almost every area. Make it a family Christmas tradition by packing everyone in the car and choosing the perfect tree together.

Find a spacious spot for the tree. The living room or family den is the most recommended as it most used for entertaining. When setting up the tree, place it near the wall where you can plug the lights but far enough so you can walk its circumference comfortably as you decorate around it.

Do you have a theme for your decorations this year? Whichever motif you pick out, make sure the lights you have complement the look. Christmas lights come in different colors, shapes and sizes so you will have no trouble finding the perfect look to go along your tree.

If you have lights you use every year, bring them out and slowly unravel them, checking for burnt out bulbs frayed wires. It may be better to purchase new lights if the ones you have now are well-used. The general rule is 100 bulbs for a one foot. Measure your tree and decorations accordingly.

Run the cord along the spine of the tree and start hanging the lights starting with the bottom, wrapping them around the trunk and branches. Be creative in draping them leaving space for the other decorations you are planning to add. Do this at every level, until you reach the top part of the tree. Attach the extension cord at the last strand, strategically covering it well with the branches.

Plug the power cord in an outlet and take a few steps back to get a better perspective on the over-all look of the tree. Are the lights evenly distributed? Are there unsightly pieces sticking out that can be tucked away properly? Make the necessary changes and add on the other decorations until satisfied. Now you know how to put lights on a Christmas tree safely and beautifully. Enjoy and let the season's good tidings keep you and your family well until it rolls in again next year. Article Source:

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