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The Correct Way to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

Undoubtedly, Christmas does not feel the same without a rich green fir tree complete with twinkling lights amidst yuletide songs and family and friends. Of course, the real essence of the season is goodwill to all men; but surely the anticipation of good things to come is greatly helped by the festive atmosphere all homes endeavor to create. Here are helpful tips that show you the correct way to put lights on a Christmas tree so you can enjoy a safe and merry holiday.

If setting up Christmas trees is a family tradition you've always kept, then you probably have some lights stashed away in your basement or attic. Check to see their working condition. Busted bulbs you can replace but do so with caution; frayed wires you should never cover with tape. As much as possible, replace old and messed up lights with new ones- it is an investment well worth it.

The general rule of thumb in Christmas tree lights is to use 100 bulbs for every one foot of tree. That means for the average 7 ½ foot tree, you should use lights with 700 or 800 bulbs. Instead of buying one long strand of 800 bulbs, use shorter strands of lesser number of bulbs. Not only is it easier to hang up the tree; it will be simpler to find and fix broken bulbs.

Some people find it easier to start at the top of the tree and work their way down. Personally I think the best way on how to put lights on a Christmas tree is by beginning in the bottom tier first. This way you don't have to worry about having unsightly excess strands dangling at the tail of your tree.

Mark out a spot for your tree. If you are using an artificial tree, attach the first level and carefully wound lights around each branch as how you want it to look. Install the next tier and repeat process until you reach the top of the tree. Make sure that you use a sturdy stool to stand on, preferably with a friend nearby to assist you as you go higher in decorating the tree.

For a live tree, begin the same way running the cord in the center of the tree. Wrap the lights around the limbs, interweaving between the tips of every other branch. Drape the lights as evenly as possible as you go up the tiers. After setting the last strand in place, close the light of the room and step back to see the effect. Change and tweak the places that you feel needs altering and when satisfied, you can begin decorating; first with the garlands then finish it off with ornaments and Christmas balls.

Keep liquids and pets that can chew the cords away from the tree to avoid potential disasters. After the holidays, coil the wires around the cardboard of a large tissue roll; taking care to disentangle the cords thoroughly.

Now you know the correct way to put lights on a Christmas tree, you can enjoy the company of loved ones and the spirit of Christmas so much better don't you think? Enjoy the holidays!

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