Fun and Easy Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Baby showers are generally multi-generational. They are, traditionally held during the day and more often than not, a girl thing. They bring forth images of ladies in pastels and flowers, eating pastries and appetizers. They are laced with memories of punch bowls, lemonade pitchers and sunshine.They are parties where grandmothers and young women alike, chat, laugh and "ooh and ahh" together because they are there for only one purpose: To celebrate a miracle, a joyous occasion, the birth of a baby! To make your baby shower go as smoothly as intended, make sure you are prepared and well-planned and keep in mind that the there will be people in various age groups from many different walks of life.
When planning games, more is better. Unless, you have played a game many times with the same group of people, you don't always know how it will go over or exactly how much time it will take.You also can't control how much socializing will be going on during the game playing. What you can control, is the seating, the timing and offering of games.

When choosing games, I recommend a blend of active and passive games. Here is a list, in no particular order of 5 Fun and Easy Games to Play at a Baby Shower

  1. Dirty Diapers
  2. Baby sketch artists
  3. The Left, Right Game
  4. Sketchy Situation
  5. Guess what's in the Diaper Bag

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