Christmas Activities to Enjoy with the Children You Love

You certainly should be! It's that time of year that we should be preparing for what any kid would call the greatest holiday of the year! More important than gifts is Christmas spirit. It's what brings that warm feeling of love and friendship into our homes and atmosphere this time of year. Our children are always ready to partake in this time of love and togetherness, but it is up to us to instill that Christmas spirit of holiday fun. It is my mission every year, to make each Christmas a memorable one for my kids, and here are some of the fun activities / traditions that we partake in every year, as a family.

These Christmas Activities really bring my family closer for the holiday season, and I am sure they will do the same for you!

The Elf on the Shelf

"The Elf on the Shelf" tradition began with a children's book from 2005. Basically, it is a book that comes with an elf doll. It's actually a somewhat high profile thing, as you can actually register your elf and it will show up on the database and portray your elf's name and location.

The general idea is that the elf shows up the day after thanksgiving (that can be flexible) and your family gives the elf a name which in turn brings the elf to life giving it "Christmas magic". Though the elf will never act like a toy when someone is watching it. The elf's job is to monitor the children by day, and travel to the North Pole by night to report that behavior to Santa. Every now and then, you or your kids will notice that the elf has moved a little or changed positions. If you want to stick to the storyline, the elf is not suppose to be touched because this may cause him / her to loose their power. On Christmas Eve, "elf" returns to the North Pole with their job being fulfilled and does not return until the Christmas season of next year.

Our own version is a little more fun to me. We didn't even buy the true "Elf on a shelf". We just bought a somewhat cheap, stuffed, elf doll and used a variation of this same idea. My kids named him "Twinkle", and we allow them to hold him and play with him and even take turns using him for a "stuffy" at bed time. When they're fast asleep, we sneak in and move Twinkle somewhere else.

Sometimes, Twinkle has a tenancy to pull a harmless practical joke due to his slightly mischievous nature (tho we are careful not to endorse bad behavior). So every morning when the kids wake up, they are on a mission to find their elf friend who didn't return to bed with them after his visit with Santa at the North Pole. Often times, during their search, they may find he's made a bit of a mess, or done something mischievous like decorating the tree with everyone's socks.

Twinkle also has the tenancy to leave a note, sending the kids on a mission of good will. For instance they may find him holding a note that says, "Please give 5 people a nice compliment today!", or "It would be very nice if you picked a toy you don't play with anymore, and give it to someone who will love it!". The kids love this tradition, and it is a great activity for the whole family that endorses love, kindness, and brings much joy and laughter!

Family Christmas Movies Nights

What kid doesn't like great Christmas movies? For that matter, what adult doesn't like at least a few of them. There is no clear cut time or schedule for this in my house (though a schedule would not be bad). We take turns picking Christmas movies to watch, as well as catching television broadcasts of Christmas shows like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, ect. Believe it or not, this actually creates great interaction between parents and children as well, because these movies are meant for kids to pick up on the underlying moral of the story, so they proceed to discuss what's going on and ask questions of their parents who they think "know everything". It's a great tool for drawing kids in to a teaching point of morality, while being great fun at the same time!

Feed Santa's Friends and Help Them Spot Your Home

Don't we always leave Santa some milk and cookies? Well his reindeer are working pretty hard too, so they might be hungry as well! Also, it's pretty dark, looking down from the night sky, so maybe we can help Santa and the reindeer spot our house. We remedy both of these problems for our kids by letting them make reindeer food. It's very simple and cheap to make, so any child can get involved in the process!

You need a large freezer bag, oatmeal, sugar, and glitter (or colored sugar crystals, as some worry that glitter may be "bad for the birds"). There are lots of ways to make "reindeer food", but we use these ingredients because they are very inexpensive and what the reindeer don't eat is quickly devoured by birds and insects.

Take your kids out just before dark, on Christmas Eve, and let them spread the reindeer food across the lawn. Don't pile it up though. Make sure it's spread nicely so you can sell that some of it has been eaten the next morning. The reindeer will spot the sparkling food from the sky making Santa's job easier, and while the jolly ole fat man is sliding down the chimney, the reindeer will be enjoying a gourmet dinner.

This idea originates from the childrens book, "Reindeer Magic". If you'd like to make it more, "like magic" or simply don't want the mess in your kitchen, consider purchasing a bag of, already prepared, reindeer food which comes in the same bag described in the story book. Then your kids will believe it's magic because "Santa" sent it. If they have the book to go with it, that's even better!

Story Time

Some old fashioned traditions just never die, and there is a reason for that. Children love for their parents to read them a good, old fashioned, bed-time story! It's irreplaceable bonding time, and children will go through their whole life, keeping those times as a fond memory. It's a good idea year around, but at Christmas time, it serves as a great advocate for Christmas Spirit! (source:

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