How To Dress Up Like A Santa
This Christmas holiday season would you like to dress up as Santa Clause and spread cheer? Or may be you have been invited to dress up as Santa for the kids of the local school, or you want to visit a party. Whatever the reason be, ensure that you dress up perfectly so that the kids don’t recognize you.

You can get a Santa Clause costume from a store but there are some things that you need to take into consideration in order to make yourself pass. You of course know that Santa is a rather plump fellow with a round jelly which shakes when he laughs. If you are not plump naturally then you would have to consider making yourself plump by tying a cushion to your stomach. It would require some manual help to ensure that it wobbles when you laugh. After you have your artificial belly made, you can get the perfect Santa costume of your size.

Now, it is time to concentrate on the make-up. Santa Clause is famous for his red cheeks and cherry like nose. You may need some pink blusher to make your cheeks and nose rosy like Santa. You can get the best effect by creating a pink circle on each of your cheeks and a smaller circle on the tip of your nose. Even if this sound a bit weird, it would make you look simply great when you have your entire costume on.

Santa usually wears boots that help to keep him warm. You just can’t do with any boot. Santa clause rides on the sleigh and wears furry boots. Even if you are wearing simple boots, they must appear to be fur lined. Therefore it is necessary that you create some effects in your boot to make them appear fur lined.

After you have got the costume and the make-up right, you need to practice saying ‘Ho- Ho-Ho’ perfectly. This would make you a real Santa; just remember to keep laughing and spreading cheer.

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