Top 10 Valuable Crafts Have Stolen

Hundreds of 1000's of Iraq cultural relic

Value: cannot estimate

Stolen time: March, April in 2003. Place: Bagdad

Between March and April in 2003, hundreds of 1000's of Iraq culture relic and historic treasures are stolen by mobsters. Probably the most disastrous lost is hundreds of 1000's of treasures in Iraq national museum what are records of Mesopotamia culture, and so far, you will find only 4, 000 treasures happen to be retrieved. For instance, the marble sculpture which named "Mind of Warka", that is a mind deoxidation sculpture of Iraq Semites women. History experts contain the view the lost of crafts may be the lost of whole humanity.

2.12 world"s famous picture

Value: .3 billion dollars

Stolen time: March in 1990, Place: American Boston

In March of 1990, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which situated in American Boston was ransacked by two thieves. They stolen plenty of world"s pictures which priced at .3 dollars, incorporated Netherlands master Vermeer"s Concert, Rembrandt"s The Storm around the Ocean of Galilee and so forth. This situation is craft thief situation which sum is greatest in historic and all sorts of stolen crafts didn"t have guarantee. Though police provide a reward of 5 million dollars, thieves continue to be around the lam.

3.Two pictures incorporated renowned picture The Scream

Value: 97 million dollars

Stolen time: August in 2004. Place: Norwegian Oslo

The stolen works of art are classified as the masterpiece from the world's classic painting The Scream and the other picture of Munch's Madonna. The sum is all about 97 million dollars. However, because of our prime recognition from the scream, people still find it hard to market it, and police examined that crook may request money to museum to come back the painting.

4.Madonna using the Yarnwinder

Value: sixty five million dollars

Stolen time: August in 2003. Place: Scotland

It's stated by experts the Madonna using the Yarnwinder is among original works of leonardo Da Vinci and revel in equal recognition with Hireling Shepherd, Since it is too rarity, expert think that this painting rarely is in offered.

5.Goldsmiths sculpture "salt dish."

Value: 55 million dollars

Stolen time: May in 2003. Place: Austria Vienna

At 4 am on May 11, 2003, a crook stole the Goldsmiths sculpture "salt dish" whose author is known Italian artist Benvenuto Cellini in 16th century. The worth is all about 55 million dollars and also the historic value is immeasurable. Salt dish is really a product of gold and enamel, specifically created by Cellini for King Francis I.

6.Three works of art incorporated Rembrandt self-portrait and so forth

Value: 36 million dollars

Stolen time: December in 2000. Place: Sweden Stockholm

Three stolen works of art, features a famous Nederlander painter Rembrandt precious self-portrait, in addition to two French impressionist painter Augusta Renoir works from the late 1800s.

7.Look at the Ocean at Scheveningen and Congregation Departing the Cool Chapel in Nuenen

Value: $ 30 million dollars

Stolen time: December in 2002. Place Netherlands Van Gogh museum

Early in the day of December 7, 2003, two thieves rose within the roof to sneak in to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, holland, and stolen Van Gogh works of art of these two works of art Look at the Ocean at Scheveningen and Congregation Departing the Cool Chapel in Nuenen. Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum, an accumulation of 200 oil works of art and 500 bits of sketches of Van Gogh, is really a museum most collections of Van Gogh works.

8.The birth of St Francis of Assisi, St. Lawrence, and Jesus

Value: 20 million dollars

Stolen time: October in 1969, Place: a chapel in Italia

In October 1969, two thieves broke right into a chapel of Palermo, Italia, and stolen Caravaggio painting hanging within the chapel - the birth of St. Francis, St. Lawrence and Jesus, for convenience, they used the city paperknife straight to the painting eliminate and discard the frame away. The works of art have forfeit nearly 3 decades arrived at nothing, however the subsequent press coverage surrounding this situation.

9.The violin of music performer Moree

Value: 3 million

Stolen time: 1995. Place: a condo in NewYork

When talk about Davidoff-Moree Stradivarius violin, we ought to know that Moree is among best violinist in 20th century, and Stradivarius is better violin maker. This stolen violin is created by Stradivarius and utilized by Davidoff, which means this violin is extremely precious.

10.Auvers-sur-Ouwei landscape

Value: 3 million dollars

Stolen time: December of 1999, Place: England Oxford

December 31, 1999, the correct Englishman celebrated the millennium a crook sneaked in to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, and stolen a Cezanne painting Auvers-sur-Ouwei landscape. Police stated the thieves joined the museum with the skylight.

But allow the museum staff was surprised, near this painting there bits of worth more painting, however the thieves didn't touch, showing he went the prospective. In the Police thought this scenario is generally means you will find purchasers to specify which picture, thieves stole which picture.

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