Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Fun Things To Do Inside

Have you and your kids found yourselves stuck inside because of the weather? It can be hard to keep kids busy if they can't go outside. It can be fun to go play in the rain, but often its best to stay dry and warm inside. There are a lot of rainy day activities that will keep your kids indoors, but it can often be hard to come up with things to do at the last minute.

Here are 40 ideas of things to do inside. These are great rainy day activities that will be fun for the kids. Many of them use materials that you have around the house and with a little planning, your kids should stay happy and occupied for many hours.

40 Rainy Day Activity Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors

    Read a book
    Have a cooking lesson
    Make cookies
    Make dream catchers
    Arts and crafts
    Board games
    Hide and Seek
    Word searches
    Scavenger Hunt
    Movies on DVD
    Put on skits or a talent show
    Write poetry
    Duck Duck Goose
    Heads Up Seven Up
    Finger Paint
    Pitch a tent or build a fort
    Play Cards
    Play "volleyball" with a balloon
    Video games
    I Spy
    Make masterpieces out of Play-Dough
    Make paper airplanes
    Tie-dye T-shirts
    Kids' aerobics video
    Make puppets and do a puppet show
    Build things with Legos, K'nex, or building blocks
    Play dress-up
    Have a tea party
    Make a photo album
    Make homemade Christmas/Birthday/Holiday cards
    Sewing or knitting lessons
    Learn to tie knots
    Do tricks with a yo-yo
    Jigsaw puzzles
    At-home Jeopardy

Many of these rainy day activities require a little planning or some materials on-hand. Try to get them together ahead of time if you know the weather is going to keep your little ones inside. If you've found yourself in the rain unexpectedly, opt for easy activities that don't require materials or use things that you keep around the house.

The important thing is to just get started! Have a few activities to choose from in case your kids get tired of the first activities. If you're trying to stay busy all day, you'll probably need quite a few different things to do. (source: www.hubpages.com)

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