Glass Block Crafts - How To Make Gifts And Keepsakes They'll Love!

Glass Block Crafts - Steps to make Gifts and Keepsakes They'll Love!

Among the latest trends in do-it-yourself gifts is glass block crafts.

Advantages bring that glass blocks can easily be bought at the local do it yourself and craft stores, they are affordable, and anybody can perform it!

What Else Could You Make With Glass Blocks?

Obviously, the only real limitation is the imagination!

Some popular glass block crafts ideas include making lighted holiday adornments, table decorations and nightlights, both fresh and silk flower plans, gold coin banks, lamps, knife holders, decoratively etched display pieces, picture "frames" and much more.

Glass block crafts are wonderful since the blocks are heavy and quite stable, so that they are difficult to knock over. They may be full of sand or marbles, coins or perhaps water with flowers. They're well-sealed, so that they don't leak.

Where Would You Obtain the Blocks?

Any home improvement center will carry glass blocks, and they're typically cheaper there than in the craft stores. Block prices vary from about $3 up to $10, based upon size and elegance from the glass.

Glass blocks could be obvious, or they comes in a multitude of frosted or decorative glass styles. One style is how the glass has little circles onto it, or stripes, or unique different designs.

Blocks is often as tiny as 4 inches by 8 inches, or as huge as one foot by one foot. You'll find glass blocks which are three or four inches thick, based upon your choice.

One problem with home improvement center blocks is when you're planning to fill the blocks by any means, you will have to drill an opening within the block yourself having a glass drill bit. This really is something which anybody can perform, however it does need a little care. Make use of a 5/8 inch glass bit, and drill gradually so they won't crack the block. Make certain to put on eye protection.

You may also choose to purchase your blocks in a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. They'll be more costly in a craft store, but generally the blocks can come pre-drilled with whether 1 inch hole, or perhaps a four to five inch pre-cut rectangular slot on the top.

Blocks in the craft store will range in cost from about $8 up to $15.

Some Glass Block Crafts Ideas

Table Focal point. One idea for any party or shower focal point would be to fill a glass block with holiday lights, either obvious, whitened or colored. Attempt to select a whitened cord for the lights because they are less inclined to be noticed.

Stuff a 20-light chain to your glass block. Leave the cord outdoors the block so it may be blocked in. You might use a vinyl message like "Fun!", "Party," "Enjoy!", "Newborn!Inch, etc., around the outdoors from the block. Window clings work nicely also.

Wrap the block having a colorful ribbon and tie the very best or affiliate with a sizable bow. This can be used like a table focal point or mantel decoration. It appears very festive once the lighting is on, as well as much more when you will find several blocks of different dimensions!

Snowman. Choose two or three blocks of growing size, one for every ball from the snowman.

If you opt to fresh paint your blocks, achieve this before you begin to put together your snowman. You are able to request at the local craft store for that appropriate kind of fresh paint for glass. Permit the blocks to dry for twenty-four hrs before putting together.

Fill the blocks with obvious holiday lights, about 20 lights per block. You might make use of a longer (50 lights or even more) single string to be able to help make your project simpler. You may want to drill additional holes towards the bottom from the blocks to permit the strings to visit all the way through of the snowman.

Adhere your blocks along with glue at the very top and bottom elevated edges from the blocks. You should use silicone adhesive, or any glue that's created for glass.

Decorate the snowman with buttons for his mouth and eyes. Glue twigs towards the blocks in the seams for his arms, and give a carrot decoration or any other piece for his nose. Many people will prove to add a little hat or scarf, your choice.

Wedding or Shower Gift. This glass block crafts idea uses no lights.

Have a photograph of your liking that's slightly more compact compared to glass block you are using.

Cut a bit of adhesive, colored vinyl (craft store item) that's slightly bigger than your block. Center your photo over the top vinyl to ensure that it'll form a border around your photo. The photo will stay with the vinyl.

Put the outlined photo from the outdoors back from the glass block. Whenever you examine the block, you will want to begin to see the photo.

Give a large ribbon neighborhood, and tie a bow on top. You can include other activities if you want. For instance, a stuffed animal or baby rattle looks nice for any baby shower celebration.

Photo Frame. This can be a simple glass block project that anybody can perform.

Choose your preferred photograph. Coat the rear with spray adhesive and put it on a bit of card board, laminate, or something like that firm but thin. Cut the backing to suit the photo.

Fill your glass block with sand, a maximum of 1/3 full. Put your photo within the block and stick in in to the sand. The sand holds it in position. You can include seashells or any other small decorative products as preferred.

As you can see, after some imagination and creativeness, you can also enjoy glass block crafts!

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