Yet Another 5 Great New Traditions to Consider For Your Family

Well, it appears you are still perplexed, and my last 5 ideas to consider for starting a new Christmas tradition were not quite what you were looking for. That is perfectly acceptable, so here are another 5 ideas for you to give some thought to.

If these ideas fail to enrich your Christmas spirit, we may resort to unlocking the ancient idea vault where century upon century of Christmas ideas lie recorded on fading scrolls as left to us by previous holiday revelers. This can only be as a last resort, for the ancient vault is a revered and honored archive of holiday cheer with an uplifting power so great, it has been said the vault door should only be opened in the event our own creativity and will to celebrate has reached such a formidable roadblock that only the treasures of the ancient vault can help.

What you may find while reading each of my articles on Christmas traditions, both current and those yet to come, is that with each new article the ideas get more imaginative and further from the ordinary than the more commonplace family traditions. Now, before we resort to unlocking the ancient idea vault, let us take a look at 5 more ideas for a new Christmas tradition for your family.

- Do you display a Christmas village during the holidays? Begin a tradition of picking out a new ceramic or porcelain building to add and display with your collection. Start by browsing the internet for the types of pieces that are available each year, and from years past. Make it fun by first deciding what function that piece will serve in your village. Will it be a doctor's office? Perhaps a seaside café to feed the hungry village sailors arriving back in port.

- How about something as simple as letting your children flip on the lights to each year's village display? The simple things can mean so much to our little ones.

- Do you decorate the outside of your home with lights during the holidays? Take a tour of your neighborhood or any neighborhood that goes all out with decorating to see other homes. You can get great ideas, and your kids will absolutely love it.

- Have an early Christmas evening family dinner out. Make it a tradition by returning to the same restaurant each year. As your children grow and start their own families, sit back and reminisce about the day you began this new Christmas tradition that now involves yet another generation of your family.

- This last one can be a logistical and financial impossibility for a lot of people, but if it can fit in to your schedule and budget, try taking a yuletide mini vacation to a holiday resort or cabin. You might be surprised at how many families do this every year.

There they are. Another 5 Christmas traditions for you to consider and possibly give a try. Article Source:

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