Turn Decorating the Christmas Tree Into a Family Fun Day

Christmas often brings memories of special dinners and decorating the tree with your family and siblings. You can give your own children these same special memories by making your own family traditions of decorating the Christmas tree. This is a special time that you can all have together and no matter what age your child is, you can have them participate in their own way. The little extras that you add in to this special day can make the memories even more special.

You can begin making your own tree decorating traditions starting now. For example, you can play special holiday music and sing along. This is a great way that your children can participate in the holiday spirit and it brings you together as a family. Many families enjoy baking special holiday cookies or other goodies on this special day and some enjoy serving egg nogg. Do you already have holiday Christmas tree decorating traditions with your family?

How does your family decorate the tree? What kind of tree do you have? Do you use the same decorations and ornaments each year or do you like to experiment with new themes each year? Do your children take part in the decorating with you? Who puts the topper on each year? These are all things that make your family tree decorating event special. In the years to come, your children will look forward to the tree going up and also to the fun family time you will have doing it all together.

Here are some ideas that you might use for your own holiday tree decorating customs and traditions:

Have the tree decorating on the same day each year to mark the event

Make your own holiday decorations

Make special tree ornaments to commemorate each year (date them)

Bake something special to eat

Have home made egg nogg, apple cider, etc

Teach your children to bake Christmas cookies

Play holiday music

Make your own holiday CD with your family singing carols together

Make a special event of adding the tree topper last

Use real popcorn to make garland for your tree (allow your kids to help)

Buy your children a special ornament for each year that they are home to help with the tree (each year, bring back out the old ornaments)

Spend time talking about what your favorite part of Christmas is

Tell traditional Christmas stories or listen to them on CD while decorating

This year, if you haven't already put up your tree, think of these ways you can decorate your Christmas tree for great family fun and time together. Even if you have already done the tree this year, you can remember these ideas for future Christmas decorating days. It's never too early or too late to start making traditions with your own family that your children will remember and even pass on to their children and grandchildren. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2288645

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