Fun Things For Children to Do at Christmas Time

Christmas is an exciting time of year for many of us, including grown-ups, but for children it is extra special. Fun memories of Christmas times past will last a lifetime and there are many ways to make the most of this unique time with your children. Here are a few fun things for you and your children to do at this special time.

Write a Letter to Santa
A long standing tradition which is just as popular today as it's always been, writing a personal letter to Santa Clause is a great activity for young children to enjoy. There are several websites these days which allow you to send a letter on-line and many postal services have dedicated staff who make sure that any suitably addressed letter will be delivered direct to Santa's HQ in the North Pole.

Making Decorations
Quite often your child will be involved in making Christmas decorations at school or kindergarten and will enjoy doing this at home also. Craft materials are widely available these days, and not very expensive, so why not make your own decorations this year and get the children involved too. You could maybe add a personal touch by including your child's name within the theme.

Christmas Sweets and Treats
A traditional time to start baking and enjoying sweets and treats this is a great opportunity to get your kids involved, either by just generally helping out or even making their own cakes, cookies and sweets. Gingerbread men and Christmas characters are a good idea and they can even make their own personalised tree decorations.

Wrapping Presents
A fun seasonal activity is wrapping all the individual presents and writing out the gift tags. Obviously you'll need to wrap your children's presents separately but involving the kids in wrapping gifts for the rest of your family and friends can be a fun shared activity, rather than something you leave to the last minute and end up doing by yourself.

Secret Santa Gifts
Although more commonplace in the workplace or at school, Secret Santa gifts are a fun and simple idea that you could incorporate within the family to add a little extra excitement on the run-up to Christmas day. It can also be a good way of diverting children's attention from the main presents, that you want to remain a surprise, and giving them something else to get excited about.

Start by putting everyone's name in a hat and then take turns to pick out the name of someone you must each buy a gift for. The gift can be simple and inexpensive or even something you make yourself. You can then have the Secret Santa gift ceremony on Christmas Eve as warm-up to the day itself?

Last but not least, make sure your kids leave mince pies and a small drink for Santa's refreshment when he visits with their gifts - and don't forget a few carrots for the reindeers too!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and hopefully these tips will help to make it even better for you and all of your family. Merry Christmas! Article Source:

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