Unique Christmas Gift Ideas, Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Christmas is a time when people express their feelings and gratitude towards each other. It could be expressed verbally, through sending season greeting cards or though unique Christmas gift. Many people over the years have the problem of selecting a unique Christmas gift for their loved ones. Some ended up buying the wrong kind of Christmas gift that does not put a real smile in the face of the recipient but only ended up in the store room.

When you think of buying gift for someone, you would first of all consider the if it’s a male or female because the kind of gift you give to one will differ from the other, though in some cases you can buy something that would serve as a Christmas gift for both. Now let us look at the various kinds of Christmas gift ideas for women. Here are my unique Christmas gift ides for women this year.


Lingerie:  I guess that a pair of lingerie is a unique Christmas gift because Women love lingerie’s especially if it’s given to them by a loved one. Lingerie can be worn at night on a special occasion like the night after wedding or the night after a proposal. Women love to display their beautiful bodies and a pair of nice lingerie would give them that opportunity to properly flaunt their beauty around the bedroom especially Christmas season.


Perfume: Perfumes as Christmas gift? Yes for that woman you love. It could be your mother, wife, girlfriend, female colleague or just a special female friend that you would want to reach out to this season. The good thing about perfumes is that it comes in different fragrances that no matter whom you want to send the Christmas gift to, you would find a fragrance that will make a statement. Actually perfumes still remain one of the best unique Christmas gift over the years but it does not just end there because every female wants to smell good both at home, work and at parties.

Hair dryer

Hair dryer: Most women love to change their hair style every now and then, that is why I have picked the hair dryer as one of my unique Christmas gift ideas for women, because I know that this is an essential need for every woman who love to look good all times. The hair drier helps one to quickly dry-up the hair after washing.

Sets of comb

Set of combs: The set of comb as unique Christmas gift came to my mind when I thought that women can not do without combing their hair. A nice and beautiful set of comb that has a Christmas inscription on it would surely make her feel good and loved this Christmas.

Lace wig

Lace wig: The lace wig has been in vogue for some time now, but the thought of someone else actually buying a lace wig as a Christmas gift really sounds good and I believe this would put a huge smile on the face of any woman who loves to look and feel beautiful. The lace wigs can be worn to any occasion and it brings out the beauty in any woman who wears it. It’s easy to maintain and hard to get tangled. It looks so natural that even the front lines normally look like a new born hair line. I recommend a lace wig as a unique Christmas gift if the woman is your wife or girlfriend. Though you can decide to buy a lace wig for your sister or colleague if you think they would love it. But actually it’s a must buy for your lady this Christmas period.

Christmas chocolate

Christmas chocolate: The Christmas chocolate is one unique Christmas gift idea that I won’t fail to recommend to any one who wants to reach out to a woman. Christmas chocolates come in various flavors and designs that depicts the Christmas season. From the Christmas tree chocolate to other Christmas chocolates available. The good thing is that most of these Christmas chocolates have lower sugar content for those who may want to consider the sugar content. But honestly I do love a pack of Christmas chocolate from my husband as my Christmas gift because it tastes good and nice.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils: one of the best thing I would love to receive as a Christmas gift is a very nice wine opener for the Christmas celebration. Kitchen utensil is a unique Christmas gift idea if you can get the right kind of gift that would fill up what they really need at the time.

Bathing set

Bathing set: There are various types of bathing set that one can easily pick up as a unique Christmas gift for a lady this season to put a smile on her check. It does not matter the bathing set you pick as your own unique Christmas gift, but what matters is that you are showing a kind gesture to the one you love; by sending a gift to enhance her outer beauty looks. 


Foundation powder: Foundation powder comes in different shades, that no matter the color of the woman’s skin, you would find a color shade that would match the skin of the person you want to send it to. A Foundation helps to enhance the look of a woman and also helps to hide the appearance of acne, age lines and skin discolorations on the face. It can be applied before applying other make-up in order to get the best result. I picked the foundation up as one of my unique Christmas gift ideas because I believe that it would not only put a smile on a woman’s face but it would boost her confidence this season.


Books for relationships:  Relationships enhancements books is really a unique Christmas gift ideas for her. Women likes anything that would help them improve their relationship at all times, so a good relationship book won’t be a bad idea as a Christmas gift this year for her. Send her a book that would help her to learn how to care for her homes and spouse to show her that you really care about her happiness

In conclusion, remember that women are very sensitive to the kind of gift sent to them, so take your time and pick a unique Christmas gift for her to bring her closer to you this year’s Christmas. (source: www.hubpages.com)

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