Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Your Boss

Admit it. Who among you here have the (unfortunate?) experience of getting your boss as your exchange gift partner in your annual office gift-giving tradition? Sure you would love to get a gift from your officemate this Christmas. And doubly so if your boss is the one who is going to give you your Christmas gift (generous boss, hello?). But if it’s the other way around? I don’t think you would be as excited as being the one in the receiving end. For one, that is your boss and you don’t want others thinking you’re a kiss @$$ employee. For another, what would you give to someone who can afford to buy more stuff and at more expensive prices at that?

Okay, first of all, Christmas gifts do not really have to be expensive. In these trying times, prudence in spending for your gifts is really the number one priority. And a gift for your boss is not the exception here. For another, and this may sound like a cliché, it is really the thought that counts. So if you’re wracking your brain what to give your boss this Christmas (whether for our exchange gifts or just really to plainly give to your boss), here are some suggestions courtesy of (well most of them, that is).

Books - That were made to stimulate the minds of a business-minded person (a.k.a. your boss). Why not give him / her books about biographies of great business people (Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or Henry Ford)? Or you can give him one from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. Avoid those books that are not really too professional (like romance novels, perhaps?) unless you know that your boss goes for this type of books.

Wines –  Or champagnes or brandy or other spirits are really classic gifts. Some people even collect these spirits and if you’re boss is one of them, you’re lucky because that will give you a good idea on what to give him or her. Afraid of giving your boss something that he or she already has in his or her collection? No problem. When you give one and his or her reaction is like “oh I have this already” (although I doubt he or she will say that as it might come out like a tactless thing to say) then just tease your boss that it will make a great addition to your Christmas party (which just happens to be tonight, lucky you).

Wine opener – Not just any wine opener, an electric wine opener! Electric wine openers make opening any wines effortless plus they can open a couple of wines with just a touch of one’s finger. Great idea and you can again tease your boss that you will borrow the same electric wine opener to open the wines for your Christmas party (tonight). Just kidding.

Portable mp3 speakers – for your gadget-lover boss. They are portable, easy-to-bring-anywhere, lightweight gadgets that your boss can use whether he or she is in the office, at home, in the car or on the road for a business trip. Choose one that your boss can attach to his or her laptop, iPod, mp3 player and even iPhone.

Backup batteries – for your boss’ laptop or iPhone or iPod (you get the idea). Give your boss the luxury of being able to use his or her iPhone or iPod longer without having to worry about dead batteries by giving him or her backup batteries. Your boss will appreciate you saving him or her the effort of looking for a place to recharge his or her batteries. Plus if your boss is environmentally conscious or loves eco-friendly products, you can even choose a backup battery that uses solar power to recharge! A word of caution though - just make sure the backup battery will be compatible with your boss’ gadget, otherwise, it will just be for nothing.

DVDs – for your boss who is a movie fanatic. You can do this two ways. First, you can buy him DVDs of movies that you know he or she really love and will want to watch over and over again. Second, if your boss is one of those who still rent out his or her favorite movies, you can get him or her a free one month (or even one year!) subscription (local or online) just for the pleasure of seeing him or her rent out all those beloved DVDs.

Bluetooth headset – another one for a gadget-lover, always on the run, mobile boss. If your boss is the type who loves to talk away in his or her phone while on the road, in the office or in the car (though I don’t recommend talking on the phone while driving), a Bluetooth headset is just the gift for your boss. There are lots of choices out there and I’m sure you will find one that will fit your boss’ lifestyle.

Digital picture frame – for the boss who has pictures on his or her desk (that seems to have been there for eons already). Give your boss a digital picture frame that can hold as many as 2,000 pictures. He or she will surely never get tired of looking at it. As an added bonus (or gift), load it up with pictures of your boss, his or her family, friends and other loved ones plus, of course, pictures of you and your officemates.

Amazon Gift Cards - If you're really stumped for ideas, then go for the ultimate, easiest gift - gift cards from Amazon.  You can buy them in bulk. You can buy them cheap (lowest is $5.00) plus you can easily send them to the recipient's email.

And that’s it. Not too expensive huh? If it is, just remember, you can always pool your money with your officemates. And another thing, whatever your gift is, I’m pretty sure your boss will like it. Heck, it’s not every day your boss gets to receive a gift (it’s usually the other way around, right?). So rest assured that your gift will be very much appreciated. Happy gift-shopping and gift-giving! Cheers!

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