Small Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Who said you should only have one Christmas tree? Not me! Using small Christmas tree decorating ideas is the answer! Creating themes for this small Christmas trees is even better in my book!

Unless you have a very large house though, 3 to 4 foot decorated trees may be a new addition to your Christmas traditions. Consider decorating the house with a few small themed Christmas trees in addition to your main tree.

My family has diverse taste. How do I incorporate everyone's taste and not have a hodge podge tree? We made a deal a long time ago -- the main family tree (the big one in the living room) is decorated with memories: "Baby's First Christmas", Anniversaries, "I made this at school" ornaments, candy garland, personal and personalized ornaments celebrating our years together as a family. It's a great tree and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Paris Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - Decorating a small tree with a Paris Theme

In addition to our main Christmas tree, we decorate smaller trees for other rooms that show off our taste, hobbies, passions or collections. The kitchen, dining room, family room, guest room, bonus room can all be decorated with a tree dedicated to your favorite subject. We have had many different small themed trees over the years.

The Christmas trees have included a Paris theme, Sports theme, Girly-Girl theme, and a Coca-Cola theme to name a few. The beauty is that you don't get near as much money tied up in decorating a 3 or 4 foot tree as you do the 6 to 12 foot main trees.

Alpine Small Christmas Trees - Great for making Christmas Tree Themes

I love the look of the alpine style Christmas tree. They don't take too many ornaments and their is just something classic about their style. This style tree is great for many Christmas tree themes like lodge, outdoor sports, hunting, fishing, ice skating, skiing and a country Christmas theme.

Retro Tinsel Small Christmas Tree Ideas - Kiwi Green and Silver and cool!

This little tree can give a retro vibe to your home or the theme you choose to decorate it with. It has a retro/modern feel so whatever direction you choose to go with the theme, it will look great on this kiwi green and silver tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas - White Tree, Pink Lights - So many possibilities

This tree would be great for a little girl, teenager or modern woman! The tree is classic white but has the unique surprise of pink lights glowing from the branches. Perfect for a girly-girl theme and so much more!

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