Fun Things to Make for Christmas- Cute Ribbon Angel

Christmas is such a fun time for making handmade gifts, food and just spending time with family. I have a tradition of making handmade ornaments with my grandchildren, they love doing it. This way they can give a gift to their parents that they personally made and they didn't have to spend money on. It's so much fun.

So lets get started shall we, grab your crafting materials and have some fun!

Cute Ribbon Angel

Grab your favorite fabric ribbons and get to work. This angel is so easy to do and takes no time at all. They are so beautiful and your family will love them.

You will need:

  • Ribbon (1-1/2" by 9" in length gold or white for wings)
  • Larger fabric ribbon for dress (2" by 13" in length)
  • 2" Wooden body you can purchase at any Michaels, or Joann's fabrics or any craft store
  • Thin ribbons the thinnest you can find to match the color of the outfit or wings about 14 "
  • Small rose or flower of choice - to match the ribbon
  • Small glue gun & glue sticks
  • Acrylic paints (beige,tan & mauve or pink) for making the flesh color
  • Fine point black permanent marker & blush for cheeks
  • Thin cotton thread for hair (kind you use to crochet dolies works great)

Step 1: You first need to paint the body a flesh color, mix the pink, beige & tan colors to get the flesh color - then paint the lower part of the body in the mauve color, this is if you are using a mauve "see thru" ribbon as I did for the dress.

Step 2: While the body is drying take the fabric ribbon for the dress and begin to make pleats all the way around the top portion, using the glue gun to dab a bit of glue in between each pleat, until you have made the pleaded skirt to go around the neck of the body.

Step 3: You can draw the eyes and mouth on the face after the wooden body is dry and use some of your own blush for the cheeks.

Step 4: Take the ribbon dress and begin to glue to the neck of the wooden body starting at the front and going to the sides with the glue and pressing the dress down tightly for a few seconds until you have completed both sides. Now take a little hot glue and place it on the inside of the flab in back and glue the two flaps together.

Step 5: For the hair take cut 20 strands of thread into about 5" lengths. Take one of those strands and tie in the center of the stands loosely, to hold the hair in place - this is the part to be glued to the top center of the head. Take glue and place a line at the top of the wooden head right above the forehead then carefully place the hair on there and hold tightly for a few seconds till dry. Now take the hair and make sure there aren't any tangles and the it's straight and even. Turn to the backside of the head and place some glue right at the center of the backside then take a few strands of hair and cover those areas so she won't look bald in the back. Lift up the hair on the sides and add some glue there to secure in place. Then take 2 strands of thread and tie off each pigtail.

Step 6: Time to make the wings - you will take the gold ribbon and fold in thirds, then place a piece of white thread and tie in center to make the bow. Take the thinner mauve ribbon and cut an 8" piece then fold in half and glue to the inside of the bow wings facing you - this will be the hanger for the angel.

Step 7: Now place more glue on the same area of the wings add a generous portion, then take the body and place the backside of the head on that area and hold there for a few seconds till dry. It's starting to come together.

Step 8: Make two very small bows from the thin mauve ribbon and glue to the pigtails. Also make a small circle for the halo with the other gold cord about 2" or use your better judgement for the halo, add glue to the backside which is the only area that will touch the top of the hair. Take the rose and glue to the front underneath her chin area, being careful not to leave any hanging glue threads. Hot glue is funny and you have to continuously cut off the long threads.

Step 9: Last but not least, make sure the pig tails are same length and make any other adjustments as you see fit.

After you make the first one the next one will be much easier. I found the wooden bodies at Micheal's crafts or Joann's fabrics or any other craft store that you can find either online or in your town.

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