Easy and Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas time is party time! And what better way than to show your friends, family, and loved ones your gratitude to them by throwing a grand Christmas Party! And for those of us who love making that one special gathering, we usually find ourselves asking that same old question, “What is going to make my Christmas Party special and different from the rest?”

Well, wonder no more, because these ideas are going to transform your average, yearly vanilla-Christmas Party into a truly wonderful, unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your loved ones will never forget! Here are some of the useful Christmas party ideas that will make your party planning more convenient and easier.

Company Christmas Party Ideas

Let's face it. Most of us spend the entirety of lives working at the office, having our cup of joe every morning, rolling up those sleeves and getting down and dirty with huge stacks of paperwork that needs to be done. Once in a while, we need to get away from it all; we need to unwind. After all, we're all just human, not machines that were made to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Heck, sometimes just looking at your workplace can get tiring. Which is why holding your party at the office just isn't a good idea. Holding it somewhere else will make people want to attend it a lot more, because Christmas is about giving and having fun, not going back to the workplace for softdrinks and tacos. So the first thing you need to remember about holding up your company's Christmas Party is making sure that people attend it.

Of course, you'd want your guests to have a good time right? But serving alcohol might put them at risk; you wouldn't want your guests calling you up in the middle of the night asking for help because he or she was caught driving under the influence of liquor.

So how can you resolve these two issues while making sure your party doesn't get as dry as dust? Here are some useful tips:

Get out of the night time groove.

Contrary to popular belief, your party doesn't need to be held at night. Your party can be just as fun as any other night-time Christmas party. Even if you're planning to host your party at a hotel or restaurant, people will drink much less at lunch than they would at dinner. Simply switching the time of your event could instantly fix the alcohol issue.

Break the meld

Try planning something different every year. No matter how much of a success your last Christmas party was, there will always be people who are going to think it's boring if you do it again. Get creative! Remember, your Christmas party is an event; not a get-together. Rather than having people sit around, talk and eat food, you could try hosting a disc golf, bowling, or a skating party. Keep in mind when picking an activity though, that you have to pick something that everyone can do.

Turn it into a family affair

Inviting your staff's families can make a huge difference to your Christmas party. Not only does it lessen the alcohol consumption issue, it will also motivate people to come to your party, as they don't have to worry about getting sitters. As you may have read earlier, not only will making your Christmas party an activity-based one give your guests loads of fun, it'll make a more inviting atmosphere for the kids as well.

Mix up your guest list

Instead of just inviting your staff to your party, invite your family, friends, business associates, neighbours and other people you're well-acquainted with. Send out your Christmas party invitations ahead of time. Mixing up your guest list this way will not only make your party a lot more lively, but it also gives your guests a chance to meet new people.

Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Don't let your party get bland just because you used to many common Christmas decorations! After all, everyone knows that a Christmas party is incomplete without the right decorations. So set the atmosphere to a cheery, jeer mood with these simple yet awesome decorations that'll have your guests standing in awe!

Christmas “Spirits”

Stick candles into some empty, clean wine bottles. These will set a warm and unique mood for your party. Tie green or silver ribbons around the bottles for more of a warm Christmas effect.

Watery Lights

Take an empty vase or bottle, then fill it halfway with water. Add some holiday food colouring to the water, then take some floating candles and place them on top of the vase or bottle. Make a variety of different colours then line them up in a row for beautiful yet simple Christmas table decorations.

CD Ornaments

Take some old CDs that you don't use anymore and cut them up into small pieces with a pair of scissors. Then take some transparent ornaments and glue the CD pieces together for a unique kind of Christmas decoration.

Light bulb Penguin Ornaments

You'll need some old light bulbs, some acrylic paint, and a lot imagination. Paint the light bulbs to look like penguins.

Christmas Party Games Ideas

Call of Duty, anyone? Well not today, because we'll be playing around with some fun Christmas activities! Don't worry, no one's going to steal your kills with these games, nor will there be any killing at all! Here are some fun and wholesome games that your friends are family will surely enjoy. And the best part is.. you don't need to spend any money! All you need is a keyboard, a mouse, a GPU Graphic- oops! I mean- just everyone in attendance is all you need to get started!

Who am I?

Get yourself some sticky paper then write a famous person's name on it! Then stick this paper on to the party guests' forehead. Have them form groups of two, each group having one person who has a sticky note on their forehead. They have to guess who they are, and the people who don't have sticky paper on their foreheads can give clues to those who do. The last person that still has a sticky paper on their forehead loses and gets a booby prize.

Two gifts and a lie

Each guest will tell everyone 3 of their worst Christmas gifts, 2 of them will be true and 1 will be a lie. Other guests will try to guess the lie, and the one who guesses it correctly wins a prize.

Christmas Carol Charades

This game involves one person who will describe what he is thinking of purely through gestures without talking. The crowd will guess what he is trying to say, and the one who gets it right wins a prize.

Christmas Memory Game

Put in as many Christmas items (or any item) as you can in a tray. Show everyone the contents of the tray, then put the tray away after 20 seconds. Have them write down as many as they can remember in 30 seconds. The person with the most number of items written down wins.

Christmas Wrap Race

You will need many boxes for this game. Have your guests make groups of 2 people each. To win, each group will try to wrap the box with Christmas wrappers and tie a ribbon around the box as fast as they can. The catch is that all groups are only allowed to use one hand. The winning group will be judged based on speed and the quality of the wrap.

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