A Few Funny Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

There are so many different Christmas tree decorating ideas, if you are bored with the traditional look you can easily create your unique Christmas tree theme. Here are some unusual ideas you can try.These will be real conversation starters at your next Christmas party.

The Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

This is a traditional and gorgeous Christmas tree theme that never goes out of style.It looks best on an artificial green or red tree.Decorate it with tons of candy canes, home made paper snowflake ornaments, red velvet bows, red glass balls and of course gingerbread man cookies.This tree looks fabulous accented with gold beaded, busty red or white tinsel garland.Top the tree with a Christmas themed teddy bear.

The Christmas Cocktail Party Tree

This theme looks great with both small and big trees.First, try stringing your tree with a string of novelty lights if your tree is not pre-lit.The usual egg shaped lights will not look so good in this theme.Plastic novelty lights shaped like Chinese lanterns can be purchased at any hobby shop to get the real 50´s feel.

Decorate your tree with multicolored cocktail pics and tiny cocktail parasols.If you have a really big Christmas tree you can put some champagne glass decorations in it too.Decorate the champagne glasses by gluing some glitter on them.Put some miniature liquor filled chocolates in the tree as well.

The Sea Side Christmas Tree

This is one of the most unusual themes and it looks best on artificial trees in light blue or aqua colors, pink or light orange would also look very nice.Decorate this Christmas tree with different sea treasures like ornaments made from aquarium decorations like treasure chests, corals and coins.

Add some seashells and sea horses as well.Finish the aquatic Christmas theme by adding strings of pearls as a garland and seashell shaped novelty lights.

The Chocolate and Gold Christmas Tree

This is perhaps the trendiest of the themes I describe in this hub.This will look fabulous on a red artificial tree because the color scheme in this theme is red, gold and brown.This 80´s theme with red lights and twinkling gold looks really nice as you can see when decorating it.

Decorate this tree with chocolates, walnuts and pine cones that are wrapped in foil, gold coins will give a nice touch.Use the kind of ribbon that has bendable wire inside so you can tie large translucent red and gold ribbons onto the ends of the tree branches.

The Peppermint Twist Christmas Tree

This is a very minimalistic Christmas tree theme and it will look great on a artificial bright white and pre lit tree.The color scheme in this theme is red and white, but you can add a little touch of green in the lights that you will string around the tree.Some people want to keep the tree red and white without any other colors because they think it looks best that way.

Decorate this tree with frosted red and white glass balls, the conical ones do not look so nice.Put as many red and white peppermint candy canes as possible on the branches.You can also use red and white ball shaped peppermint candies.A huge red and white striped lollipop will make a great tree topper.

The Snow And Ice Christmas Tree

This Christmas theme is perhaps one of the more unusual ones because it does not use any of the traditional Christmas colors like red and green, this theme uses white and icy blue instead.

Start by decorating your Christmas tree with novelty lights shaped like snowflakes or icicles.To get the frozen and glittering effect, use decorations made of crystal or see through plastic. Simulate boughs heavy with snow by draping the tree with cotton shreddings or faux spider webs.

The final step is to spray the tree generously with flocking which is simulated snow that you can buy in aerosol cans.You can spray this on any kind of artificial and real Christmas trees to make them look frosty.This looks great on a white artificial tree but will look nice on blue, purple and red trees as well because it gives a nice contrast to their original colors.

These were some unusual and unique Christmas tree decorating ideas if you are sick of having the exact same theme every year.All you need to do now is send out some Christmas cards to your friends and family and invite them to look at your unique Christmas tree. (source: www.hubpages.com)

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